World's First Instant Kashmir Chai Mix


Dear Chai Lover,

We fell in love with Kashmiri Chai on cold wintry late night rendezvous in Downtown Toronto, the most beautiful city this side of Heaven. We decided to share our joy by flying high together inside a passionate chai business and nurture the world with our euphoric chai products.

Introducing the World’s First Ready-To-Blend Instant Kashmiri Chai (aka Pink Tea) Mix by Cafe Euphoria! For generations it has been a tradition to have this lavish pure green tea based chai as a palate pleasing and deliciously healthy dessert in India, Pakistan and Nepal.

We have been so fortunate to help formulate this unique, one of a kind, simply the most amazing Kashmiri Chai Latte ready to blend mix on the planet. Thanks to our friend Phil for his persistence and superb genius in replicating the royal Kashmiri Chai taste that for a moment will take you on a journey of instant nirvana. We hope you too will be lucky to taste the love and experience our Kashmiri Chai soon.